Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tiny Man!


I have a crush!
His name is Theodore!
I love him!
My favorite things about him are:
*He has a mind of his own and does things on his time!
*He does his own form of sign language all the time.
*He loves to sing to himself and the world.
*He has the squishiest cheeks!
*He likes to feel your face Helen Keller style.
*He has crazy hand coordination.
*He loves to look at and think about most anything!
*He loves a good meal!
*He loves to read books!
*He does robot ballet in his Johnny Jumper!
*He doesn't give smiles out freely but when he does..Wozers!
*He wiggles and squirms till he can't anymore and falls asleep!
*He is not a fan of long naps!
*He is strong!!
*He loves everything second hand!!
*He can crawl but likes to keep that under tight wraps.
*He loves his wrists and loves to twirl them.
*When laying on  the floor he likes to thump his foot.
*He hates food! Only Milk!
*He loves Jones!
I love him more everyday!!

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