Friday, October 26, 2012


It is said (or maybe I am making it up) that a thrifter is
only as happy as their last find.
I don't own an owl! GASP!! I know I know!
I found these vintage lovelies today and
they'll soon grace a shelf.
SO darling!

I also added a cashmere sweater! Yeah be jealous!
A vintage quilt square!
A wool jacket that I will use to make something crafty!
And a few more odds and ends!
-My nephew is still the cutest boy in the world!
I love to Skype w/ him!
I can't wait to have another for Christmas!!
-It snowed!
-I have loadsa pairs of tennis shoes but they are all wearing out and my feet hurt!
-Around every corner there is DRAMA!
-Often I have a head ache!
-Had a BIG glass of green drink tonight!
Hope it makes me feel like a new woman cuz GOSH it was NASTY!
-Naps are manna from the gods!
-Waking up when it's dark. No thanks!
-Being really cold all the time is the pits!
-My neices have energy I wish I could bottle!!
Happy Fall!

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