Monday, October 29, 2012

City Creek

On Saturday I was RIPE for an adventure!!
I soon found my self at City Creek!  Spot on in
the middle of Down Town SLC. Next Door
to the lovely SLC Temple!

I love the reflection of one building onto another!  

Looking South on the sky walk!

Looking North! 

Restoration Hardware. Was down right WEIRD!
It was all dark and gray and I felt like I was shopping in
and old castle ruin! Or the stage set of Phantom
of the Opera I did not like the feeling it provoked!
So I left! 

I could have lived at West Elm.

I love letters on everything and I love
them on tea towels w/ trim!!

I love this little Knome on a Christmas Tree!
Wool owls waiting for a christmas tree home too!

Hello felted wool garland!! Darling!!

Another swoon but no suprise Anthropologie!
A tiny twig H!
A book for Harmony!
A cool screen printing screen
used as a room divider!

Perfectly flowery and shabby bed spread!

A sweater to copy!
I'd love to see the world through aqua colored glasses!


I am not into retail shopping! It is so boring and so same-zie.  And SOOOO
Bloom'n COSTLY!!!
I did however enjoy myself on my adventure! I love to see new and cleaver things!
There was lots of ideas to take in and mull over.  Don't worry
after I did and go get my Thrift Store fix!
Happy Fall!
Go Visit City Creek! It's fun!

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