Thursday, September 13, 2012


*Today I woke up at 6 AM! It was surprisingly DARK!
*I saw the sky turn pink around the temple. BEAUTIFUL!
*It was cold before the sun came up.
*I was able to spend 7 hours on the temple grounds.
*First I ushered in the baptistery! LOVELY!
*I saw ALL walks of life.
*I saw eyes glow w/ love for the temple.
*I admire WHOLE families who came to the temple so EARLY!
*I got to see the brides room. The brides room is not on the
public tour because there is no way to get
 so many people in and out smoothly! So each day
it sits clean and pure and perfectly sparkling. Waiting!
Kind of like a new bride waiting for her day!
*Mid day I went out side to greet people in the plaza in
front of the temple.
*It was fun to see people from all walks of life. All colors
and all manner of dress.
*I took millions of pictures for people!
*Some people have SUPER nice cameras!
So nice I thought about what would happen if I dropped one!
(OOOooo not good!)
*Kids loved the fountain!
*One kid put his WHOLE head under water! His parent weren't fans!
*It is amazing how people who have never met, and
have no training or preparations
can pull off such a HUGE task DAILY and w/ very few hiccups!
*In my early morning meeting it was said they have had 340,00 people visit
the temple. Some days 6,000 visit! Amazing!
*I got a killer sunburn while taking "millions" of pictures!
*I had to share my genealogy and life status far to many times to
people who kinda know me. Sighhh!!
*A german reporter had a guided VIP speaking tour. She asked LOTS of
tough questions. One she asked was if we wore clothing in the font.
I am sure glad we do!!

What a blessing!

"The temple is the house of the Lord.
The basis for every
temple ordinance and covenant…
is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Every activity,
every lesson, all we do in the Church,
point to the Lord and His holy house."
—Russell M. Nelson

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