Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Tiny Chairs!!

*I walked into the foot doctor today w/ a resident and said..
"Whoa it smells bad in here!!"
The girl helping us said
"It's me...I got some new essential oils!!" It was awesome! Sighhh!

*I over heard some very old (80+) women at lunch
talking about facebook!

*I got a trim today that was a little more
then I had in mind!

*Note to self: Never help your mother
w/ a project...she lives in a realm of perfection!

*Dear yard sale gods...grant me much goodness tomorrow!

*I saw chairs like the ones above tonight. I wanted to
steal them but I was afraid my soul would be dammed!

*Men don't grasp the concept of "Staging items to show well!!"
It makes me crazy to see UGLY things!!

Sweet Dreams!!

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