Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheap Cheap!

The Perry city wide yard sales...a total bust!
People don't have good stuff year after year.
I spent 3 bucks! Lame!

I decided I am far to mature to wear flip flops
to church so I picked up these babies for 6 bucks.
Thanks Payless!

I have been looking NON STOP for this
baby and alas have not found it!
Till I popped into our new Seagull Bookstore.
Not only did I do a tiny jump for joy it was only 1.99!!

Do you get the Parade Magazine in your news paper?
Well there was a coupon to get this little number
FREE!! It was good and free made it even "gooder!!"

P.S. Free Slurpees on Weds @ 7-11

***Later that evening I broke my
dad's 200 dollar printer. SO much for CHEAP!!

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