Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Head!

I am an ebb and flow kinda girl.
 Sometimes I am all about the blog
and some times not so much.

I saw Ms. Melissa make these (above) on TV the other day.
I feel the need to have a tiny pot belly stove near me at all times. I am cold!
I could eat at Fire House pizza everyday! I am sure of it!
I am solar powered.
I can make angel wings..and I can do it well!
I was a bunny for my token Halloween party. It was easy!
Say no to these protein bars! They look like candy but taste like DOG FOOD!
How does my pillow case shimmy off every day?
My just around the corner. I hate birthdays!
I startle easy!
I am so not in to the spooky part of Halloween!
Most often my slipers are in the furthest room from my cold feet!

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween! l

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