Monday, October 10, 2011

"LOVE..It's exciting and newwwww"

So my sister fell in love w/ a darling young man!
 They have chosen to get married on December 30!
 (That is come'n up quick)

They will marry in an LDS temple!

I got old doors for the backdrop. They are these exact colors.
I paid a dollar each! SCORE!! (backdrop)

The bride to be bought this for the sign in book!
(Her birds will be RED)

These would be cute!

Did I mention her colors are

She wants a candy table for refreshments!

More color ideas!!


My sisters reception will be held in a darling vintage
 LDS church in the avenues.
 It has charm but it's also old and has basket ball hoops.

Your mission if you choose to except it is to
 think of some more darling ideas!
 Mainly darling center pieces.

Use things you have around your house.
 Things from the thrift, dollar store or yard sales.
Use things that we could buy tp recreate your idea easily!
 Must have each of the above colors.
(or most of them.) The theme for the wedding is "Classy, vintage, fun"!

Send in a picture before 19th.



V and Co. said...

Make small red versions of the Martha stewart tissue balls and place them sparingly all over the table as part of the center piece. Bowls filled with water and floating candles (in blue and brown) hang a red wreath from the backdrop doors. Congrats!

Harmony said...

I think Ba needs to incorporate the season into it. Like aqua snow flakes and/or red holly berries (cranberry garland)... that kind of thing. Also, I still think a hot cocoa bar would be darling... and I'll stand next to it and hum, "baby its cold outside" on repeat!!

Joy said...

You've already seen a few of the wedding centerpieces I done on my blog. They would go along with the theme for this wedding. The one was similar to the giant pompoms but glued onto a tall stick to turn them into flowers. They have impact because of their height but the guests can still see because the stick is so thin. The other idea that I've used is the music paper wreaths that are suspended on a pole. You can give them a dusting of spray paint in any color. Or you could always go with giant snowflakes on a stick in the various colors if the couple wants to have it a winter theme.

Camilla said...

How exciting! I love those colors, I would never have thought of that combo but they look so great and season-appropraite. You are so creative, I'me sure you'll come up with something amazing. I love the ideas you found, I'll keep my eyes open too. I love branches, and I love the idea of aqua snowflakes and red cranberries. I can't wait to see what you end up with!

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

LOVE the idea for the backdrop. You are so clever. I'm following now!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Michael VaughAn said...

Hey, that's my Salt Lake temple image on your blog... Congratulations to the Happy couple!