Friday, January 28, 2011

The real Macoy!

The other day white thrifting. I noticed a LARGE,LOVELY and surely and expensive McCoy planter in someones cart! I was sure she got it out of the collectibles area and was about to pay way to much for it! I asked her if I could look at was HUGE, HEAVY and not a chip in sight. I looked at the bottom and the price said THREE DOLLARS! We both looked at each other and said aloud! Thank Goodness for "dumb" pricers!! I was happy she went home w/ such a prize and I'm sure she make MILLIONS on it. ( Or east 100 bucks!)


Camilla said...

Oh man! What a great find! My husband got to volunteer there today and I was sooo jealous! I love that turquoise color!

Anonymous said...

I know I got the deal of the century too. This time at the Layton DI it was a #10 red wing crock for only $8 I tried to put it on ksl I had multiple offers but took it off line because I just could not part with it:) Maybe in a few months I can lol

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Aweeee the joys of DI may the never grow old!!!