Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bucket Fulla Thoughts!

-Waking up early is not fun!
-Sometimes I wish I was Tongan!
-I hate the mall.
-I saw someone hop into IHOP today!
-I hate IHOP
-Long naps are a blessing.
-When clothes don't fit after the Christmas holidays it makes one think....a lot!
-I am not good at crochet! I wish I was though!
-Bitter cold is BITTER!
-I get SMELL OVER LOAD at Bath and Body works after about 5 minutes and often leave w/ nothing!


Meredith said...

i hear ya on the smell overload. the laundry detergent aisle can do me in sometimes too. ugh. ;)

Camilla said...

Love random thoughts. :)
I wish I were better at crochet too. And I also am not fond of the mall. And I am also quite sensitive to smelly smells.
Plus, I LOVE that picture of the vintage buckets!