Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old Navy clothing BIRTHDAY!

I just woke up less then an hour ago and I am already tired!! Bad sign! I always assume that the things I know EVERYONE knows. Sadly that is not the case! So here for you today are a few of my thrifty brain cells!

Did you know that every item of clothing Old Navy sells has the items birthday printed inside of it! I LOVE this because I can tell when thrifting if this item is "new fashion" or on it's way out. This little tag is in the neck of an item behind the size tag or in the side seam. Even in jeans!!

Also I learned something new on It makes searching even EASIER!! When typing in your zip code to look in your area right next to it is a little box that says "miles from". Add 5-or 10 and you get your whole area not just your zip code!! Love this!!

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Camilla said...

I didn't know either of these things...thanks for sharing your knowledge! :)
As for the upholstery project, I'm hoping to finish today! I'll be sure to post pictures. It's really hard work.