Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I like to pretend my life is all butterflies and cupcakes! Bad news...it's not! Weird things happen to me a lot!

Today I saw a lap top sitting in the middle of the road. I risked life and limb to save it. WHY? Because I know one day I'll drive off w/ something on the roof of my car...and I hope someone saves it for ME! I took it to the police station if you must know!

The other day while thrifting...I found a pair of Mormon Garments hanging on a rack. They shouldn't be! I had to sheepishly find someone who spoke English and explain why this item should not be "on the sales floor". I am not one to easily embarrass...but my word my face was RED!

Today I was BANNED from facebook.com I think someone hacked my account...because I would never ever do anything on FaceBook to be BANNED! Not only that but there is no way to talk to someone to un-ban me! Weird!! ***I was unbanned! Why? I'm not sure!

*** Later that day: I was in an episode of "Hoarders" yet there were not cameras or "professionals" there. Just me some cats and some major craziness!! What a life I lead!!


The Frosted Gardner said...

Those are weird things happening! And thank you for rescuing the laptop because I would drive off w something like that on my car too! And then banned on Facebook - you are right - weird!

The Frosted Gardner said...

Oh and yes - thank you for pulling someone aside about the Mormon Garments. Good thing we have you around Heather!

Callie said...

Seriously you got banned from FB? That is super weird. Thanks for doing double good deeds today :)

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

The lap top and the "garments" no biggie! The hoarder...Deep Breath...Deep Breath!!