Friday, August 13, 2010

Yard Sales and Polka dot toes!

Today I wore a jacket to work. I turned on the heater in my car for the mile ride and it was bliss!! This morning I also visited a few yard sales. I have to admit I love a good infomercial! LOVE! Well I have seen the beautiful work of Bare Escentuals...and have to say I swoon! Alas I am far to cheap for such a thing...UNTIL TODAY!! These little goodies came home w/ me for 5 bucks. A lot for me...but a real deal in the world of gormet make up!! The lip gloss retails for 18.00 per tube and honestly plumps your lips! Ok it only plumps for 3 minutes..but hey there is plumping!! Check out my polka dot toes too. Nothing a little white paint pen can't whip up. Got the idea here!!

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