Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love is in the air!!

My sister is so in love it is a tad bit sickening! (Sorry Ba)! I am still very happy and excited for her! I thought I'd vent that happy and excitedness by doing the best thing I know how to do. Go to the dollar store and pull out the glue gun!!

See what I got at the dollar store. Coffee Filters!

Then being the cheap girl I am I didn't have it in me to buy the "forms" that Hobby Lobby sells for 5.99 so I cut out a piece of card board!! CHEAP!!

I learned only to put the filters in a two inch strip down the middle of the cardboard frame or you can't tell it's a looks like a blob! Blobs aren't cute!

It only took me a few minutes and WAS SO FUN to make. I think the total cost was about 50 cents!! Everyone I know will be getting one for Christmas...maybe! This would be darling for a White Christmas, Baby Shower, Baby Room, Shappy Chic room, Just about ANYTHING!! If you make one mail me a photo!! Happy Summer!

**** Note! The first wreath I made was out of white cardboard the second was not. Make sure to either spray paint or white type paper the card board will look much better and you won't have brown polking through. Foam core is another great option!!


Camilla said...

Heather! This is too cute you smarty pants!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

No Cami I am not THAT smart...I just copy well!!