Sunday, May 23, 2010

A week of Thrifted Bliss!!

See this little beauty!? 2 bucks at the Down Town (DI) location!! What else did I get? I can't say cuz my friend Risa thinks I have a hoarding issue!

This week I spent house sitting and puppy watching for my sister who is rich and went out of the country on "a little trip". I spent my days thrifting away the hours!

Here at the thrifty places I went and their rating:

Below Deseret Industries:

Centerville Dessert Indresties
Five Stars!!
Always my favorite! Clean w/ high end goodies!

Welfare Square
Three Stars.
Rather getto. Lots to look at but mostly junk!

Down Town
Three point five stars!
Always someone weird to talk to. Fun unique stuff. Someone what getto, but in a good way!!

West Jordan
Four Stars
The basic newly built DI. Basic Stuff!

Three Stars
Good stuff! Older store. Dirty. Over crowded! Many"full times". (You know the folks who sit on the couches all day and push you when the carts come out...yeah them!)

Four Stars
Basic Newly built DI.

Negative 1 star
The Holiday DI in Suger House. There is NEVER anywhere to park so you have to park in a lot for that (another) store shoppers only and hope you don't get ticketed!! The store is on three levels and it hot, loud and dirty and crammed w/ STUFF mostly junk. The place is getto to the T! There are MANY MANY full timers some I believe to be homeless!! The "staff" bless their hearts are VERY un-helpful and many don't speak the language! If you do find something good. It isn't priced and no one is around to help! That or it is under 12 layers and someone w/ B.O. is standing very near you and looks like they might pull a's not worth your life so walk away! I dare say the holiday DI is very near what I think HELL would be like! Not a must see by any means!

I did happen on a fun Salvation Army in Murray! A super expensive Savers in Murray too. NPS one of my all time favorites! IKEA. IKEA bless you! Lest you think I skipped Pottery Barn. Don't worry I went and had a look see!! Many many other places too!! Awee the bliss of no responsibilty!!

All I needed was a little time off and a little junk to clear my chi and get me back in the right frame of mind! Can't wait till next time!!


Camilla said...

Wow, that's good to know! I was laughing at "this must be what hell is like". You are hilarious!

Breanna said...

I think I have been to all those I live just a few blocks from the Layton DI that one is clean but pricey I also like the Centerville DI for sure there prices are good. Thanks for sharing :)