Friday, February 12, 2010


This morning at work we filled all the spray bottles we could find w/ red food coloring (and water) we sprayed the lovely clean new snow a darling pink color. Nothing like pink polka dot snow!! Try it !! You'll like it and it will make you smile!!


Anonymous said...
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The Smith Family said...

Oh my word! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the ONLY wreak when it comes to crying over paint. LOL.
I'm going to post some more pics today... but we plan on putting up some tall trim and painting that wall white, and cream... kinda like the rest.
I know, I know... a bit boring, but I've decided that I need the bedding to be the accent. And truth be told...I think I'm having issues with the dark pink, itself! I can't tell my hubby this, because he would FREAK if he knew I wanted to change her bedding, but if for some weird reason I seem to find a new dust ruffle, and euro sham on sale... in a.... oh I dunno, dusty pink color.... I MIIIIIGHT just need to pick it up. LOL.
UGH... my FOREVER changing mind. It's exhausting. :)