Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beacause I need another flower and hoodie!!

I have been seeing these everywhere! I love them. I found instructions HERE! So cute!! I need another flower like a hole in the head!!

I had to run to Dollar Tree to get one teeny tiny thing! I found this Old Navy Hoodie there!?? For a DOLLAR!! I did have to use my sissors to cut off an extra collar...but for a dollar I wasn't even a little scared!!

Do you ever look in dumpsters? There is a store in my tiny tiny town that throws away the best stuff!! Today I found un open box(es) of their high quality shopping bags. Each box held 500 bags! It totally sickens me the waste that we throw to the land fill!! MMMM. Guess I'll write to the company!!

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Camilla said...

So cute! I love the green ribbon. Yes, you can always use a new flower. :) And I totally love the clothes rack at the dollar store! I refashioned a t shirt from there and I am wearing it right now, it's my favorite!