Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Report

I miss my camera! I feel like an arm has been cut off and I am not complete!! Sighhh!! The laptop died and all my "favorites" died w/ it!! Sighhhh!! I still can believe I get my very own temple!! I am so excited!
I love the Shopaholic books!! They are so funny, cleaver and witty!! However the say the "F-word" and have PG-13 bits that make me blush!! I read this funny book (above) this weekend and it is the also cleaver, witty and very funny!! It is a total "light read"..and just makes ya giggle!! My little sister had a best friend in High School who was like Phebe from friends. She had no idea (in high school) that the mailman also too mail not just delivered it!! Anyway the girl in this book reminds me of my sisters head in the clouds friend!! It's a must read for the LOOOOONNNNGGG winter ahead!!

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