Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fruit Basket!!

My friend Callie told me about this "thing" she signed up for. You get a basket full of fruit and veggies for 20.00 bucks and pick it up in a parking lot every two weeks. I thought I'd give it a whirl and this is what happened!!

Let me break it down:
1 Pineapple
6 Mangos
10 Bananas
9 Pink Lady Apples
1 lb of Strawberries
1 lb Green Grapes
8 Tomatoes
1 bunch of Broccoli
3 Summer Squash
2 Cucumbers
2 heads Leafy Lettuce (at least I think it's the leafy kind)
8 Red Potatoes
They also had available for purchase 40lb Apples boxes and Italian Baskets which had onions, mushroom, herbs, etc for purchase but I didn't order those. The volunteers said that the bread freezes really well. It is presliced.

While testing out a pair of scissors at the local thrift store...they bit me!! I should sue!

Here is a step by step sign up helper!! Thanks to Callie!! What a good friend!!
Happy Spring
and Healthy Eating!

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lagirl said...

I LOVE your Blog - so glad I found you. Once people find you you're gonna have lots of Followers. I signed on to Follow. Keep writing and I'll keep reading & commenting. you're a "Find"!