Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Best Friends FOREVER"

GD and Risa and I met at Camp Oakcrest where we all worked in 1998. We were the BEST of the BESSST FRIENDS!!

GD always has a perfect tan! However the best thing about her is her faith of more then 12 mustard seeds. Nothing rattles this girl she is always calm and she can eat TONS of junk and still look like a super model!

Risa is a super free spirit always looking for adventure and travel in life and no matter how long in between our visits we are still "Bessst Friends" when we meet up!!

We met up last weekend (computer issues late post) for lunch and dined at Blue Plate in SLC YUMMY!

Then we went here to have a "mani"!! (for the un-hip that is a manicure)
What great hand models!
And me!!
What a fun day!! We should do it again!! GD next time leave the hunting truck home!! :)

***Side Note**
Emily Jayne's is a must see for all your junkers and trash 2 treasure folks. It is just north of the 9th and 9th area of SLC!


Gayla said...

Hey - thanks again for planning such fun things for us to do :).

((((((Group hug)))))))))

Heather said...

You are welcome!! We didn't group hug! Maybe next time! XOOX