Monday, June 27, 2016

  • Life is just so daily!!

    *The time I opened my sisters vacuumed filter and thought I saw a cat. (It was just fulla dust)
    *It is hard to drive on the free way when  and air show is going on right in front of you!
    *People do indeed still use flip phones!
    *Going to Bear Lake and getting a killer sunburn and then giving a talk in sacrament meeting the next day makes for major drama mid talk!! (poor girl). (not me).
    *When you wonder if your nephew really like you or your water bottle more!
    *When you get a hair elastic stuck and all you can do is cut it out!
    *When you are willing to drive around a parking for 20 minutes to get "the perfect spot" but you'll walk a mile to park in the shade!

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