Monday, September 7, 2015

Oh Cath!

WE all know how much I love Cath (Kidston)
We all know how costly all her things are!!
Her closest store? London!
Look who I ran into at the thrift store the other day!
It was super stained and really nasty but I figured for
fifty cents it was worth a try.
I tried and tried using many different concoctions
to clean this little lady nothing worked till
in desperation I soaked her in peroxide over night.
Good as new...or good enough!!

Things I love as late:
*The crispness in the air.
*My tiny(Linkey) nephew walking!
*The same nephew had a 1 year old birthday!
*Free things!
*Already having Christmas gift thoughts!
*Finding Rapunzel hair at DI for my favorite little friend EMI!!
Happy last days of Summer!!

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