Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunny days..chase'n the clouds away!

I have pictures "stacked up" on my phone. I have no idea
how to get them onto my blog. So alas no photos by me!
*I love when my nephew was asked his last name. He lovingly states Ferrill
just like his bestie Fodie!
*I love today I woke to jacket weather!
Today one of the little ladies I am in charge of each day asked for chicken noodle soup for dinner. I assured her that was a great idea! Tonight after the soup cooking all day in the crock pot she looked at it and stated " I wanted it out of the can!"

Upon waking I saw a small pile of bugs. I ran to get a paper towel, while totally grossed out. As I went to scoop them up I noticed they were only yarn! Darn crafty habits!!

My sister officiated at a wedding yesterday and it makes me giggle just thinking about it!! She is so RAD!!!

People who drink room temperature water are beyond me!! I like it on the verge of ice w/ a few icebergs floating around to boot!!

*Humidity and I are not friends!
*I am so thankful for 911!
*My nephew (1) can play a little wooden flute and my heck it is cute!
*I HATE cockroaches! ...
*Headaches are always following me around!!

One day two weeks ago this happened!!
Today I lost a small child. I hosted a group of house guests I had never met before. Stepped in dog poop and met a woman named Heather Robison.

*My new small bestie Anna reminds me often "You know I don't like to get dirty!!"

*Did you know Layton got a new Goodwill? My word it is good!! It is like walking down isles and isles of Target sale end caps!! Go check it out. It is just west of DI and around the corner from Savers!!

*Conversation I had a few weeks ago:

A: "My brother thinks you're overly happy!"
L: "That isn't necessarily a bad thing!"
Me: "Thanks I think?!"

**Check this out!!

Happy Summer!!

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