Tuesday, July 1, 2014

History on fire!

Sunday night when I was taking a walk, I noticed a huge plum of smoke. I knew something big was on fire. Later I watched as my small towns historic mill burned.
I went to Jr. High across the street from this mill and never really thinking about it
or it's history. Upon its burning I did a little research! 

*The mill is reported to be one of the most haunted buildings in Utah.
*The mill was the largest in the west for many years.
*The mill was powered by steam in later years. Can you imagine
 how hot and scratchy it would be to work there?
*The woolen mill was the idea of Brigham Young was church owned.
*The mill was built not long after the saints arrived. Built in 1887.
*The mill  has burnt and been rebuilt 3 times! This is the mills 4th fire!
*Suits for three US presidents were made at the mill.
*The mill used a water wheel during it's first years of production.

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