Sunday, May 11, 2014



*The twenty cent ranunculus that greet me each day in the
window sill...make me happy!
*Hearing the rain while laying in bed is delish.
*Yesterday I took my nephew to the pet store.
He ask at every cage if he could "get in".
We bought a fish.
*I took the same nephew to DI. I told him he could pick a toy
any toy. He chose a vacuum. While we drove home I heard him
quietly talking to him self "Fodie has a vacuum and mommy
has a vacuum".
*I regret a beautiful rug left at the thrift store.
*I saw a man begging on a corner chatting on his smart
phone. It made me roll my eyes.
*Perma headaches are lame!
*My sisters neighbor yelled out "Hello Crystal Lee"
while waving and smiling at me. I yelled a
"Hey" back!
Happy Spring!!

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