Friday, September 13, 2013

Pure Luck!!

Yesterday I was doing a little thrift shopping. I felt something sharp in my neck...and then I felt myself getting that sick unsettled feeling and I new something was very very wrong. I had been stung by a wasp!! I came home and took benadryl and my eyes started to water and swell lips and face got HUGE and my neck, where I was stung got bigger and bigger. I thought I was going to die! I didn't! But my word this morning I was a site to see. My neck is 3x the size it is normally! I stood and laughed in the mirror for FIVE whole minutes before I could get ready for work!! Here are some direct quotes from today.
Erin via Facebook "I am sorry I laughed when I saw you today."
Erin: "At least you'll know what to expect when you get older!"
Elba: "I bet you are glad you don't always look like that."
Elba: "It's just so funny...I mean it's not funny, but it's just so funny!
Co-worker: "That is just not normal!"
My family doctor: It looks like you have a rather large goiter!"
My dad keeps referring to me a Jabba the Hutt!
I will spare you the pain of the full face shot, but here is one of my eyes. I think I look like I have a gummy worm laid across my eye lid. Oh what beauty!!
Life is full of PURE LUCK or the total absents of it!!

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