Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Ms. Hubbard went to her cupboard...

I primed her and painted her...and hated how it turned out
She has sat in the garage for MONTHS!
I needed my other cupboard in my bathroom because
all my stuff is choke'n me!
So Ms. Aqua had to come in even if she isn't finished.
Maybe if I am forced to look at her I will have some

Here she is painted aqua. I just don't like how the finish turned
out. The sanding ect.

She her insides. Not even painted only PRIMED!
(Love the reflection of the old school house (not really)
light. 75 cents at DI folks!)

Oh remember my MAP. Yep still love it!! I look at her every morning.
The other day I check to see if my grandparents TINY little Montana
town was there...it is!! All is good in the world!

Happy Spring!
I mean Happy Winter!

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Anonymous said...

I love your map too. I have spotted some pretty cool ones on ebay, but can't bring myself to pay those prices. Laurie