Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Saturday I had to work. I hate working on Saturdays! Honestly! To soften to blow of both working and a killer head cold one of the girl I work w/ and I went and thrifted!! I happened on this beauty!  I bought her for 5 bucks. Thinking only of how much fun my darling nieces would have...and dreaming that this little lady slipped over a card table!

It didn't!! We did however pretend that it did!  


I later asked the thrift store employees if they had see the frame for the pricey little home away from home. In a round about way they stated that if they don't know what it is they toss it. PB won't just sell the frame....and I will no way pay 150.00 for this baby new. Lesson learn..LABEL things you send to DI or put them together in a garbage bag!! If said thrift didn't have a locking dumpster...I'd go have a "look see". Sighhh!!

I saw thing on a blog and made it...it didn't turn out as cut!

My primary class is four and 5. They can't read yet but gosh it is cool to bring your scriptures to church! I hated the beat up cover on my little tripple I got when I was 8 so I did a little "slip cover" outta paper this morning. Wait till my friends in primary see this baby!!

The sun is shine'n! The head cold is leave'n!
I love spring!

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