Monday, March 29, 2010

Rose Ring and a Tease!!

I saw these rings on a blog (who's? I'm not sure)...I need another flower some'n some'n like a hole in the HEAD!! But look how cute!! I think they'd be cute w/ a button too. I saw a Button bracelet made this same way!! Easy Peezie!!

Look it's held on by ELASTIC!! How easy is that??

Here is a little somethin I am working'n on. It is AQUA!!


Harmony said...

Whats that?!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

It's AQUA does it matter what it is?? No really it is a suprise. That and blogger wouldn't let me upload I gave up and wen't to work...leaving my teaser w/ out verbage. It was very confussing!!

momof3girls said...


Brian and Callie said...

You have to teach me how you made that darling rose! i think it would just be adorable as a hair accessory for little Olivia :)

Sorry that you have a head cold :( total bummer

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Cal, no cold..just a close call!! I'll trade ya for a rosey ring for Olivia!! SHE IS DARLING!!