Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas junk!

Yesterday while junking I found these!! Aren't they cute!! Two dollars later and I am very pleased!! I saw theses last year on a blog and really loved them. Today I did a little hunting and look what I found! Now you can have your own!! So cute!!

While drive'n around I saw a sign that said "Boutique" and so I did a quick back track. I found the most darling little cottage filled to the brim. I felt like I was walking through It was darling and so fun.
A woman w/ a darling home moves her and her family and ALL THERE STUFF out of her home for 2 weeks to have this sale. Can you even imagine?
I digress. Anyway I got this darling ring for 4.oo and ripped my self from the cottage so I didn't do any more damage!! Sighhh.

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