Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pottery Barn Junk

So I went to Ogden 2 sort out the mattress issue...NO LUCK! I drove past Down East on Washington and they had a tent up...and a 90% off sign. Even though I was coughing up a lung I pulled over!! (Never to sick for a good deal!!) This is what I saw:

This fab Pottery Barn bed...I forget how much....but it was a good deal!!

This beautiful king head board?? MMMm...75 bucks!!

This beauty w/ glass knobs!! 75 BUCKS!!

Don't get me wrong they had some junk...but they had some good stuff too. To bad I wasn't in the market!! Maybe you are?

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Me & My House said...

Hello there! Since you're a lover of re-dos, vintage and up-cycling, you will love our junk party and giveaway...check it out when you get a moment...BTW, I loved all of your finds and the stuff you sold on your other site. I just started following both so I can keep up with all your goodies! Blessings,