Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday I took the WHOLE day off to Thrift and see the (Mormon) Draper Temple!! What a great day!! It started like this!!

I went to Target!

My favorite DI...Centerville!!

Welfare Square DI.

7th So. DI


I went to pick up my DARLING sister..who went w/ me to the Temple. It isn't really her "Thang" but she was so good to go w/ me!! Opps forgot a pic of the DARLING sister!!

Oh IKEA we love thee!! We went to IKEA!!

Then we met up w/ my Brother inlaw his buddy...and Harmony and I..and we had dinner at a DELISH/hippy/vegan/vegetarian diner Blue Plate. SO YUMMIE!! See the below link...and totally check it out in person. No worries they have "normal" food too!!

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